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Everything you need for 3-5 months water care in one box

  • Cleans – Crystal clear, clean water
  • Protects – Gentle on the skin, safe for the environment
  • Enjoy – Less time maintaining your water, more time to enjoy it!


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The Trichlor Tablet Hot Tub Water Care Kit from AuqaFinesse is a 3 to 5-month supply kit to fight slime, bacteria, and buildup in your hot tub. The kit includes (2) 2-liter bottles of AquaFinesse solution, (1) 14-ounce bottle of Trichlor tablets, (1) measuring cup, and an instruction manual. The gentle but effective formula breaks up biofilm and prevents its reformation. The only thing you need to do is remember to add the formula 1 time per week, and this gentle formula will work to keep your water clean. Thanks to your new cleaning kit, your hot tub’s water will never be softer, allowing you to enjoy a more pleasant soaking and cleaning experience. This water care kit also uses the jets of your hot tub to clean with no scrubbing required. The AuqaFinesse Trichlor Tablet Hot Tub Water Care Kit won’t only keep your tub clean, but it’s also gentle on your skin. You can enjoy your tub’s clean water without worrying about skin irritation. Cleaning and relaxing have never been this easy.

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