Nature 2

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A simple way to spa more naturally

Spa naturally using the proven power of minerals. Nature2 Spa is a low-maintenance alternative to chlorine* that uses the antimicrobial power of minerals to give you cleaner, clearer water while providing round the clock algae control*

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Nature 2

What is Nature2?
Nature2 is a water sanitization technology for swimming pools and spas that gives the clearest water imaginable.

How does Nature2 work?
Nature2 Technology products use minerals to destroy bacteria and algae. Because Nature2 destroys bacteria and algae, less harsh chemicals are needed to keep your spa water balanced.

By using Nature2, you reduce the level of chlorine use to just 0.5ppm versus the levels you would need without Nature2.

What Nature2 does.
Nature2 is the only sanitizer that guarantees all this.

  • Destroys bacteria and algae
  • Reduces potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant odors
  • Reduces chlorine use to just 0.5ppm
  • Lower chlorine levels help keep the pool pH balanced
  • Will not damage your pool equipment
  • Easy installation

Lasts four months
Makes spas easy to manage, halogen-free
Improves performance of ozone-equipped spas
Assures an odor-free spa
Significantly improves look & feel of water
Simplifies water balance — it’s unaffected by heat
9 out of 10 spa users prefer Nature2 over their old method

Capacity: for spas up to 1,000 gallons
Run time: minimum 4 hours daily
Flow rate: works with all spa flow rates
Installation: Drops into the core of most filters

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